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Nhà Tin tức kiến thức ngành How to Seal a Dusty Concrete Floor?

How to Seal a Dusty Concrete Floor?

  • January 07, 2020

Dusty concrete floors are one of the most common problems in flooring industrial, and it's also an urgent problem needed to be solved.Because there may be some bad effects: low work efficiency; untidy and unsightly working environment; difficult to clean; High maintenance costs and more. Therefore, it is imperative to cure and seal this kind of floor. So how to seal a dusty concrete? Is it just to penetrate the curing agent directly on floor surface to curing the concrete?

Concrete floor grinder machine

Step 1 - Preparation

Remove all loose material as much as possible. The way to doing this is to use a diamond floor grinder to coarse grind and level the floor surface to  a even and flat one.

Step 2 - Curing and Hardening

I think this next point is really the most important…

Use the concrete penetrating liquid hardener densifier EC-1008 to infiltrate and harden the concrete. Its professional chemically active substance can penetrate the concrete surface and react with free calcium oxide and other substances to form Calcium silicate hydrate (CSH), which greatly improves the strength and hardness of concrete;

How to seal concrete - apply concrete densifier and sealer

Step 3 - Fine Grinding and Fine Polishing

Grind and polish by using a planetary concrete floor grinding machine and a high speed floor polisher to form a high-density, high-brightness, high-hardness concrete solidified floor. Duringthis process, applying concrete protective sealer to fine polishing, the effect will be better.

Planetary concrete floor grinding machine

Therefore, the cooperation use of floor grinding machine and floor surface treatment Chemicals is required, so that the effect obtained after concrete floor is cured will be better and more durable.

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